Im Hwan 22 years of age Discontent but slowly working on it. I do not and will not follow anyone I personally know on this blog. This is not a secret blog and if you do know me personally and wish to follow me I have no problem with it but please be advised I do rant and express myself on here daily and sometimes it might pertain to you. Other than that I just post/reblog stupid funny shit like memes and music and other forms of art I like. Feel free to ask and submit.

#throwbackthursday #thechangingoftimes @poopmatic @sergioTsunami09 (Taken with instagram)

Happy Mommas Day💐 (Taken with instagram)

❤ You Mom.🌹 (Taken with instagram)

I always tip my waitress well. @poopmatic (Taken with Instagram at Denny’s)

Casper @vargassss @elmagnificovargas2 (Taken with instagram)

Lucifer (Taken with instagram)

@veecastr0 keg stand (Taken with instagram)

This honestly wasn’t me (Taken with Instagram at Forever 21)

@veecastr0 Happy Birthday! \m/ (Taken with Instagram at Cinco de Drinko)

@bobsagettsnose tryna “Smoke” the whole keg (Taken with Instagram at Cinco de Drinko)

@poopmatic Happy Birthday Lauren!!! (Taken with Instagram at Veggie Grill)

Taken with Instagram at La Tiendita